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“Nothing happens until a sale is made.”
– Thomas Watson, President of IBM 1914-1956

You might be the most skilled Dentist, running the most innovative Dental Practice in the world, but if your team members don’t answer the phone and handle the patient calls properly, then nobody will ever know. 


We understand you own and may choose to manage all your own marketing, but if you don’t know where to begin, that is where GOAT DMC comes in. We will design your custom marketing blueprint with proven methodology, strategies and budgets to help get you started. You manage it yourself from there.


Leverage GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants to effortlessly enhance your practice’s success. We specialize in Planning, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, and Reporting—freeing you to focus on dentistry. We don’t run your practice; we amplify it by handling the complex, time-consuming marketing tasks. You lead. We support & ensure your practice thrives by your rules.

How can we help your practice?

Fractional Marketing Department

Marketing Budget Creation and Allocation

Sales Coaching and Customer Service Etiquette

Annual Marketing Plans

Marketing Best Practices Training/Coaching

Brand Creation and GTM Strategy

Case Presentation and Sales Closer Training

Marketing Vendor Accountability and Analysis

Our portfolio

Our latest case studies

Discover how our case studies showcase real-world success stories, highlighting the transformative impact of our innovative solutions on dental marketing.

Nautical Dental

Rebranding Strategy

West Valley Dental

Spend Less and Make More

Prince Dental Group

All Under One Roof

Handley Dental Care

Reputation Management


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Why choose Us?

GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants is a hands-on dental consulting firm focused on patient acquisition and retention for dentists. We take the guesswork out of your overall marketing plan and then hold those executing your marketing plan accountable. 

With over 20 years of sales, leadership, and marketing experience, we can help you identify your brand, establish your marketing budget, go to market with the right marketing strategy, and train your team to answer calls with the confidence and skills necessary to convert more phone calls into appointments. Need help understanding what your current marketing vendors do for you? We help coach you on how to hold your marketing team more accountable!