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Establishing a Unique Brand Identity with a Vision and Mission Statement

Communicating who you are and how you can benefit others is often overshadowed by what you do. Let's get back to basics.

Building a Marketing

Based on your annual collections, we can establish a healthy marketing budget to help you reach your goals.

Building an Annual
Marketing Plan

There are many ways to market, so we will help you build an annual plan that helps you know where to start today in order to reach your goals tomorrow.

Marketing Channel Utilization - My Annual Budget and Marketing Plan

Not sure where to spend your marketing budget? There's not a one-size-fits-all solution. We can help analyze your market's competitive landscape and consumer data for maximum success.

Marketing Accountability

Knowing what your marketing vendors are reporting back to you is crucial to understand. We will hold them accountable to see that each marketing dollar spent is coming back to you in the chair!

Call Handlers Training - Converting More New Patient Phone Calls

Let us help you break down what your front desk team is doing well and where they need to improve. We train call handlers on sales and customer service best practices so your marketing investments pay you back.

Sales Training for
Team Members

We help with presenting treatment plans, asking for referrals, generating Google reviews, and delivering a positive experience so you can run a successful practice.

Sales and Marketing
Coaching for Dentists

We teach practice owners and managers to lead and train their team members, as well as hold their marketing vendors more accountable to results.

Fractional Marketing

An average and experienced Marketing Director costs over $100,000 per year! GOAT DMC can do more for less than half of that!