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The average salary for an experienced Marketing Director in the United States is nearly $7,000 per month!


Indeed.com. November, 2023

GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants costs half of an average Marketing Director; not to mention your benefits package, HR headaches, and your need to manage one more employee. Many of our loyal “GOAT CLIENTS” came to this realization, and chose to hire GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants as their Fractional Marketing Department. We provide increased experience and knowledge to effectively manage your marketing for lower cost, stress and confusion, while at the same time getting you better results. 

GOAT DMC optimizes your marketing efforts to acquire higher quality patients on a more consistent basis. We take the guesswork out of your overall marketing plan and then hold those executing your marketing campaigns accountable. With over 20 years of sales, leadership, and marketing experience, we will help you identify and build your brand, establish a marketing budget, vet and hire needed marketing vendors, direct a GTM strategy, and train your team to answer calls with the confidence and skills necessary to convert more phone calls into appointments. Need help understanding what your current marketing vendors do for you? We can help coach you on how to hold your marketing team more accountable, or even do all of that for you!

Call us today and let’s see if your goals and current situation align with what we at GOAT DMC do for growing dental practices every day!  

Indeed.com. November, 2023

About Our Founder

Jake Goates

Since 2003, Jake has sold, marketed and consulted in various industries including Hospitality, Home Services, SaaS, Voice of Customer Market Research and Dentistry. He has conducted call handling training and group seminars for over two decades, and currently serves as a part-time In-house Marketing Consultant for a Digital Marketing Agency, Gargle, Inc, and a print marketing agency, American Marketing. 

Jake founded GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants in 2023, where he provides Fractional Marketing Department Services to practices all across the US. Aside form managing marketing needs for dentists, he also speaks regularly at local and national dental meetings, where he teaches dental practice owners about Marketing Budget Allocation, Annual Marketing Strategies, Successful Marketing Tools, and Team Professional Development to achieve new patient and production goals. 

Jake entered the Dental Industry in 2013 and has personally consulted more than 5,000 dentists nationwide on all marketing strategies from direct mail, digital marketing, online reputation management, rebranding campaigns, and training staff on everything from answering phones, to implementing in-house membership plans. Jake also volunteers time as a member of the non-profit organization, The Dental Experts Network(aka “The DEN”) where he collaborates, trains, and mentors other dental consultants on marketing best practices. 

Jake and his team are uniquely able to offer you a deep understanding of how to successfully add quality new patients with – 

  • Establishing a healthy Marketing Budget
  • Structuring an Annual Marketing Plan
  • Online Review Generation and Reputation Management
  • Website Design Optimization and Conversion
  • GBP management
  • Google local search box
  • Internal marketing campaigns including scripting and handouts
  • Pay-per-click campaigns with Google and Social
  • Building and maintaining a vision to match your brand
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Much, much more.  

Start getting more quality patients without spending more money!