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At GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants, we know marketing strategy. Our goal is to empower every practice we meet with the equipment and knowledge necessary to scale the dental marketing mountains placed before you. Consider the Custom Dental Marketing Blueprint by GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants your marketing “Trail Map. ” We want to give you, free of charge, the confidence and knowledge of where to place one step in front of the other to reach the highest possible peak of success for your practice. 

If you believe you still have the time and resources to execute a marketing strategy, and simply don’t know where to begin, then Jake Goates and the GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants can help point you in the right direction. This is the package of empowerment! We are more than happy to help build you a custom marketing plan, using our already paid for analytics and research tools to help you see and understand the necessary data about your market area and competitors to begin this journey of marketing your practice on your own with confidence.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish,”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Step 1: Complete the GOAT DMC’s Practice Questionnaire by clicking the button below 

Step 2: GOAT DMC will take 7-14 days to review your answers, conduct the necessary market and consumer research, and prepare your Custom Marketing Blueprint

Step 3: Click HERE to Book your free 1 hr consultation with a GOAT DMC expert to review the recommended roadmap to get started with your Custom Marketing Blueprint.  

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We define your target audience

Hyper-focused and personalized marketing

GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants will delve into your patient database and compare it to your market demographics to provide you a detailed summary of your community’s sociometric makeup. Knowing how to speak the language of your target audience will increase engagement, click through rates, conversions, and ultimately land more new patients in the dental chair.

We can analyze and describe your active patient data

GOAT DMC knows how to extract actionable data out of your current patient database in order to help you learn and understand who your patients are and what they like and dislike. This will help you better invest your marketing dollars in campaigns that target like-minded prospective patients that match your existing patient database. 

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