Mastering the Art of Dental Marketing: Strategies for Practice Growth

In the competitive landscape of modern dentistry, mastering the art of dental marketing is essential for the growth and success of your practice. With advancements in technology and changes in consumer behavior, traditional methods of marketing may not be sufficient anymore. To thrive in today’s digital age, dentists must adopt innovative strategies to attract new patients and retain existing ones. Here are some effective dental marketing strategies that can help your practice flourish.

The Significance of Dental Marketing

Marketing is essential to any business, and dental practices are no exception. While word-of-mouth referrals remain valuable, they may not be sufficient to attract and retain a steady flow of patients in today’s competitive landscape. Dental marketing involves using various strategies to promote your practice, build a strong online presence, and effectively connect with your target audience. In fact, 76% of consumers look for a company’s online presence before visiting in person.

Build a Professional Website:

In the digital era, your website serves as the face and personality of your dental practice. It’s often the first interaction potential patients have with you. At GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants, we can’t stress the importance enough of having a visually appealing but also informative and user-friendly professional website. 

A well-designed website serves as a powerful marketing tool, providing essential information about your practice, your culture, your accomplishments, your training, your services, and the necessary invitations (ie.”Call To Action”) that will help your visitors convert into more valuable patient appointments who show up, and ultimately accept your recommended treatment! Have you ever connected the dots that your website can directly impact your accepted treatment rate? Is there something on your site that is planting even the smallest seed of doubt in the minds of your patients or prospective patients? A good rule of thumb to determine what to keep and what to remove is, “When in doubt, leave it out!”

Another important quality assurance check is to ensure your website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and mobile responsive. Include essential information such as services offered, staff profiles, office hours, and contact details. Implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to enhance your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, making it easier for prospective patients to find you online. Once they are on your website, make sure you don’t require too many clicks to see answers to commonly asked questions, and always have a visible “Click to Call” or “Click to Schedule” button on each screen, in your headers and footers; don’t make people have to go looking for how to contact you!

Local SEO:

Local search engine optimization is a critical aspect of dental marketing. 45% of consumers are likely to visit a company in person after finding them through a local search. To ensure your practice shows up in local searches, optimize your website and online profiles for local keywords, maintain consistent business listings, and encourage patient reviews consistently. 

Content is King:

High-quality, informative content is invaluable in dental marketing. Regularly publishing blog posts, articles, and videos on dental topics positions the practice as a stronger authority in the field and helps in SEO efforts. You can use content marketing to showcase the practice’s expertise, educate patients on valuable and relevant content such as oral health, and address commonly asked questions related to the services you provide which directly address dental concerns. If you need help designing a content strategy, this is something GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants is well versed in. 

Start a blog on your website where you can post articles about preventive care, common procedures, and patient testimonials. Regularly updating your blog educates your audience and improves your website’s SEO, driving organic traffic. You can also venture into video content, sharing educational videos and virtual tours of your practice to give potential patients a glimpse of your services.

Embrace Social Media:

Social media platforms provide a unique opportunity to connect with patients and build relationships. At GOAT Marketing Consultants, we understand the importance of creating a social media strategy consistent with the practice’s branding and values. 

Engage with your community by establishing a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile. Share informative content, dental tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your practice. Encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews, enhancing your online reputation. Social media also provides a platform for interactive communication, allowing you to address queries and concerns, conduct polls and surveys that are engaging and informative, thereby building rapport and trust with potential and existing patients alike. Ever heard the term, “It’s all connected?” That’s a good building block to stand on when determining the way you choose to create and post content on social media.

Offer Special Promotions:

Attract new patients and retain existing ones by offering special promotions and discounts. Did you know that 89% of customers consider price a key factor in their purchasing decisions, with 82% emphasizing quality? Additionally, 91% of individuals with access to special offers or promotions tend to utilize them by taking action sooner than they would have otherwise. Hence, participating in offering promotions is essential and can significantly impact your practice.

Focus on value and not just discounts. Yes, you can consider discounts on teeth whitening services, free consultations for certain high-dollar procedures, or referral incentives; but do it in a way that emphasizes the quality of the service, and does not devalue your time or services in any way. Always be confident in the services and experience you provide. Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, encouraging prospective patients to take action NOW. Ensure you prominently display these promotions on your website and social media platforms, and that such content is never contradictive or confusing.

Optimize Patient Experience:

Outstanding patient experience is key to positive word-of-mouth marketing, case acceptance, and patient loyalty. Train your staff to provide excellent customer service, ensuring patients feel comfortable and well-cared for. Hire relationship sales trainers or coaches who are well-versed in business to consumer selling strategies.


Nothing good happens in the practice until somebody buys something

So always put your team members in the best position possible to help patients choose to buy from you. Encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews and testimonials, which can be showcased on your website and marketing materials, establishing social proof for your practice.

Top Dental Marketing Consultants

Mastering the art of dental marketing requires expertise, dedication, and a strategic approach. This should not be something you hand off to any young and willing team member, regardless of how ambitious they are. With experienced and hands-on consulting services, GOAT Marketing Consultants provides dental practices the opportunity to navigate and thrive in a complex marketing world. By understanding your brand, establishing realistic budgets, crafting effective strategies, and training your team, we can empower your practice to reach new heights of success. If you’re looking to transform your dental marketing and drive practice growth, partnering with GOAT Marketing Consultants is the game-changing decision your practice needs.

Dental Marketing Strategies in Heber, UT

Dental marketing is critical to growth in today’s competitive landscape. By embracing the strategies outlined in this blog post, dental practices can attract new patients and retain and nurture existing ones. Integrating these strategies into your marketing plan can create a strong brand presence, attract new patients, and foster long-term relationships. 

Jake Goates and his consultancy firm, GOAT Dental Marketing Consultants, can guide you on the right marketing approach. We can help your dental practice master the art of dental marketing. We can start you on a path to sustainable growth and success in today’s competitive market. Contact us today to get started.